Close To Nature Tours - Tasmania
Experience the diversity, scenic beauty and fascinating natural history of  Tasmania in spectacular Mt Field National Park
OUR TOURS have been designed to showcase the essence of Tasmania's natural splendour in one of its premier National Parks.
With us you won't just look at Tasmania's natural beauty, you'll be introduced to its natural history and the ecology of the diverse communities we encounter. Botanists, wildlife enthusiasts, birdwatchers and nature buffs per se` will all enjoy what Mt Field has to offer. Your guide Tony and his wife Alison were fortunate enough to be the only 'human' residents of  Mt Field National Park for four and a half years. A move to Hobart means we can now offer day and night tours of the Park from your Hobart accommodation.
Other options include a customised itinerary or a link with other nature based tour operators throughout Tasmania who have been selected for their reliability, excellent standards and friendly personalities. Please scroll through the tour options and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.


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