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Tony Coleman established Close To Nature Tours in 1997,
fullfiling a long term ambition.
After working on Australian sheep and cattle stations Tony spent seven years travelling and working in varied jobs and locations world wide. It was these experiences that highlighted to him the unique character of Australia's landscapes, flora and fauna and motivated him to return to Australia and complete a natural resource management degree at University. Taking the opportunity to live and work in Mt Field National Park, Tony subsequently started up 'Close To Nature Tours'  a nature based tour operation in a naturalists paradise that Tony loves to share his knowledge of and regard for. ''My motivation stems from a desire to share the wonder I have for Australia's unique ecology with others who'd like to learn more about it themselves in a fantastic natural setting.Mt Field is a micro-cosm of  so much of Tasmania's natural attraction, rainforest species, towering eucalypt forests, alpine and sub-alpine landscapes, waterfalls and wildlife are all encompassed within the boundaries of this spectacular area. It was the natural choice when deciding where would be best to take people interested in nature."
Tony's tours embody his corny (be warned!) sense of humour , his friendly ,easy going personality and his interest in using a multi - sensory approach to interpreting the natural world in order to enlighten his guests in an interesting, informative way. As he's always liked his food you can be sure you'll be looked after in this respect too! Take a look at some guests comments to get an idea of what to expect. " I hope I get to meet you on a tour one day! "
Quite excellent! -suitable for people who are interested in nature, Tony took trouble to find out our interests and put over his information at a suitable level. Very informative without being lectured at. I learnt a lot, especially from the touch and taste bits. Tony has so much knowledge and he makes everything interesting. Delicious and filling lunch. Suitable for a wide range of active people interested in natural things - Tony can probably cope with 'experts' as well.
Frances Lewis , Suffolk , UK.
One of the best tours I have been on, a generous, genuine, down to earth, informative and memorable experience.
Salv Bianco, South Australia
I picked a winner, fantastic day, thank you Tony.
Bettie Kornhauser, Toorak, Victoria   
Gorgeous Day, Thankyou Tony!
Ingrid Serlig. Hamburg